Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Outtakes

It appears this is becoming quite the tradition- every year it seems we have some great outtakes to share. This year was particularly challenging as 1) it was past naptime and 2) we took these ourselves- and J had to run quite a distance to get into position before the camera went off, and 3) I could only lay on my baby bump for so long, quite uncomfortable! We ended up with some good ones, and it didn't take too long. These just make me smile.

Bribes- they stopped the crying.

Way to mess it up Charlie!


Sarah said...

LOL! I love these! Cause I totally know how much work it is. I chuckled at the mental picture of all that happening at once!

Mama Cobb said...

Yeah, poor Johnny worked up a sweat- literally, he kept having to wipe his face off in between pics. :)

Anonymous said...

i look forward to the CCC* outtakes each year. Even in the outtakes you all look great! :D


*(Cobb Christmas Card)

Lydia said...

I love your background! What is that?!

Mama Cobb said...

Lydia- Johnny will be so excited you noticed that! :) He hung Christmas lights up on the wall- it was an important part of his photo composition. :) PS- I want to read your blog!