Friday, August 31, 2007

Travels Ahead

We are getting ready to travel again. First to Charlotte then on to Portland. That should be an interesting flight, definitely our longest yet! The other day I realized by the end of the year, E will have been on 9 trips! That's quite a lot of traveling for such a young one. She is a trooper! Be back soon...

Monday, August 20, 2007

10 Months Old

It's so hard for us to believe that in 2 short months Ella will be 1 year old! She is growing into a sweet little toddler right before our eyes. This month has been full of rapid development. She is now crawling quite proficiently, belly off the ground and all. With this newfound ease of movement she is everywhere all the time, getting into everything! She is also eating more real food, current favorites are Cheeze-it's and graham crackers. I have to hide the boxes during mealtime's. She is also pulling up to step closer to walking! A few other new tricks: waving "hi" and "bye-bye" and shaking her head no, a lot. She's starting to display a stubborn little will, that amuses and frustrates me to no end. Every day is an adventure!

E's excitedface- she does this lots.

I can stand!

Bed Head

E's new favorite game- making a mess!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh Charlie

A tribute to our much loved furry friend. He is E's patient, loving and faithful companion.

E Loves Sand

E had a fabulous time exploring the gritty white stuff...

Fun in the Sun

Much to our surprise and delight, E thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the beach. She loved splashing in the ocean and exploring the sand. She squealed with delight at the waves. One of her favorites was lounging in the pool in her float. Thankfully, only minimal amounts of sand were consumed.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hilton Head

We have just returned from the most relaxing week we've had in a really long time. We enjoyed our first visit to Hilton Head, SC with our dear friends Brandi and Damon. We enjoyed lazy days basking in the sun. The only down side- it was over far too soon! More photos to come...