Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Sisters

Had a little photo shoot with the girls yesterday. Love what I got! Even captured a little of the aforementioned hair pulling. Love these two little sweeties. And love even more that I am the proud owner of sisters!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 Months

Here we are at 5 months- nearly half a year old already. Slow down time! Little C has been up to quite a lot this month- rolling all over the place- I fear she will be mobile far sooner than I'm ready for. She's putting everything in her mouth. Lots of laughing, squealing and babbling. Loves to pull her sisters hair (makes me laugh a little inside-it seems so intentional sometimes). Took her first plane ride- did great! Interacting more with everyone and everything, including Charlie Cobb. No solids for her yet- holding off until 6 months due to her allergy issues. Still sleeping wonderfully- 3 solid naps a day and soundly through the night. Her two little bottom teeth are just waiting to pop through her swollen little gums. She's handling that just fine most of the time. Love this little girl more each day. Happy 5 months Sweet Caroline!

Growing Up

J snapped this photo of Ella today. I love it, but I can't get over how old she looks. There is not one hint of baby or toddler left in that sweet face. She is turning 4 in less than a month. I can't get over it! Back when she was maybe 9 months old a sweet babysitter gave me a pair of 4 year old socks. I remember feeling ridiculous taking them, because four seemed so very far away. But here we are, just weeks away from four! I am simply amazed by how fast the time has gone, how quickly she has grown up. No matter what, she will always be my baby. I love you Ella!

On the Road Again

This week I took the girls (via plane) to Charlotte for a visit with my bestie and her newest babe. The girls were such troopers- nary a tear on either plane ride. And we had great fun seeing our dear friends! Unfortunately all I have to show for it are a few iPhone photos. Better than nothing!

Our little traveling pro- she was the cutest!

Just along for the ride. 

Our newest additions.
Caroline (5 months) and Griffin (nearly 4 months).

All four precious kiddos. Love them all!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nursery Glimpses

I love, love, love Caroline's nursery. It was such fun to put together. We used all of the big pieces that had been in Ella's nursery, even the bedding. But by changing the room color and accents, it feels like a completely different room. The room is pretty small, so a little hard to photograph as a whole. Here are a few glimpses into my new favorite room.

Just getting started

Crib detail. I adore the vinyl decal above her crib. You can get one here.

Cozy reading nook, all filled up.
Broader view, featuring one of my favorite gifts.

The blocks and diaper pin are more favorite details.
love these blocks. Get them here. Request a custom order.

Four Generations