Monday, August 9, 2010

All About the Big Girl

Seems like since the newest addition arrived the blog has been all about the baby. To be expected. So what has our big girl been up to? Lots! She is such a character- a challenge, a ham, a sweet little pumpkin. She has really been testing her independence these days- choosing her outfits, dressing herself, really wanting to do everything for herself.

Her imagination is exploding- I smile to myself all day as I listen to and watch her play. She has one creative mind. And did I mention her invisible friends? Her most consistent invisible pals are "Holly" and "Rudolph." Oh, and her dog "Sparky." She really gets into playing with them- especially "Holly." Cracks me up on a daily basis. She loves to paint, play with play-doh, all things princess, dig in the dirt,dance and she really loves to read. I adore this little blessing!

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