Thursday, March 4, 2010

Germy Kid

Whew, this last week has been a rough one as far as sickness in our home. Sunday morning started with Pink Eye for E. $115, one tiny bottle of eye drops and one day later E was on the mend. J and I were spared. Thursday morning E awoke with the stomach bug. Short lived only about 3 hours and then she was back to her sweet self. Again, J and I were spared! The next day E was having cold symptoms. J and I have not been spared from that one. But of the 3, that is certainly the illness I would choose. :) This however is our 3rd, yes 3rd cold since December! And now, it appears that mama has come down with an ear infection of all things. Will know for sure later today. I certainly feel for all those little ones who suffer with these. It is not fun. Here's to hoping that all this sickness clears out of the house in time for baby next month!

PS-Last week when E talked to my mom on the phone, she told her she's a "germy kid." She was right!

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