Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting Started

Cozy little reading and snuggling corner.

We finally got started on the nursery today. And I am in love! J and our friend Kevin painted and put the crib together. J hung the curtains. We still have to move in the dresser, organize and hang everything on the walls. It's nice that we had all the main items already, so this time I can focus a little more on the details and accessories. This nursery will have a bit more of a girly flair than E's did. I'm loving the touches of pink this time around. Getting this started makes baby's near arrival even more real. We can't wait!


Hannah Hoffmann said...

Oh so cute!! I'm not sad that I don't have a little girl because I LOVE my boys, but I am sad I don't get to do all the girly little things. Especially decorating the nursery in pink! You've done a lovely job.

dkillman said...

Looks precious!