Tuesday, January 19, 2010

High Risk

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), my pregnancy is now considered "high risk." Many years ago my mom gave birth to a beautiful baby girl perfect in every way but one. She was born still. Recently my mom and I were talking, and realized the likely cause of my little sister's death was a blood clotting disorder that my mother carried. We then went on to realize I might carry it too.

So at 22 weeks of pregnancy I got tested. And it's been confirmed, I too have this blood clotting disorder (thrombophilia). The possible effects- recurrent miscarriage (never had one) or stillbirth at any time. The cause- tiny blood clots that form in your cord/placenta that cut off oxygen to the baby. To hopefully avoid any risk to the baby I am now on a daily injection of blood thinner.

We are so very grateful to God that I was tested before something terrible happened to our little peanut. However, we won't be 100% in the clear until our little blessing arrives. As a mother, this is terrifying. I have been struggling not to be overcome with fear. This is certainly one of the biggest tests of faith the Lord has presented to me yet. But He is certainly telling us loud and clear, that above all else, we must put our trust and faith in Him and Him alone.

So we wait and we pray. And I'm very aware of every little movement this little one makes. We certainly covet your prayers- for baby's safety and mama's sanity these next 3 months. Oh, and that the next 3 months will pass quickly!


Anonymous said...

Kaki - yes, most definitely will be praying for you and the sweet little Peanut in your belly. Thank you for letting us know so we all can be praying the next 3 months.


The Andersons said...

sorry you are going through this. we will be praying. we love you!!!

Hannah Hoffmann said...

Hey Kaki. I found your blog on Facebook. I am glad I'll be able to keep up with you now.

I'm sorry to see this, but I'm glad you found out what you needed to know! I look forward to seeing you Monday at MOPS.

Debby said...

Oh Kaki - I will definitely be praying for a healthy little girl - and for you as you wait and seek to trust HIM in this!

Nathan Smith said...

Kaki - Thanks so much for sharing, it is a scary time, but I pray that it will be a time you look back on where your faith grew immensely. We'll be praying and can't wait for her to be born!