Monday, June 22, 2009

An Ode to the Uncles

I was subtly reminded that I forgot to mention all of E's awesome Uncles- we wouldn't have made it through the wedding weekend without them. While the wives helped with wedding duties the dad's and uncle's did their best to entertain the kiddos. I know Ella is always thrilled with the attention they lavish upon her. We love you uncles! PS-there's two uncles missing-Daniel and Greg somehow managed to avoid being photographed in his awesome shades. We love you too though!


Sarah said...

that is hilarious! now I know where those glasses came from on your FB profile pic. Is it totally wierd that the guy in that last picture reminds me of Chris? Hahah!

DearEs' said...

Forgot one other uncle too!

Mama Cobb said...

I know! :( I've been meaning to add that, but someone escaped pictures too! Fixin' it right now!! :)