Friday, May 8, 2009

South Beach as Seen Through the iPhone

The majority of last weekend found us with nothing but the iPhone to document. Not too shabby for an iphone. A few pics from the real camera to follow whenever I get around to uploading them. I had no idea just how beautiful Miami is, we had a wonderful time- lots of sight-seeing, people watching, beaching and eating. Perfect.

The gorgeous South Beach

Thoroughly enjoying Joe's Stone Crab

Never seen such a descriptive sign.

Biggest Mojito I've ever seen! 
 Outdoor cafe on Ocean Drive.

The Charming Espanola Way


Sarah said...

oh my gosh! these pics are great! Looks like guys had a fab time. I'm glad you got to get to spend some fun "adult" time together!
PS - I mean "adult" in a totally PG way ;P

The Krutz's: said...

u look SO pretty in ALL these pics Kak!