Sunday, April 13, 2008


We have safely returned from our glorious vacation in Spain. We had such a wonderful time, we truly didn't want to leave. Sadly all good things must come to an end. A brief re-cap: we enjoyed touring the city of Granada by bus and on foot, eating their delicious food, shopping, tapas, a flamenco show, we visited the Mediterranean, the Alhambra and the guys even travelled 3 hours away for a futbol game! E was such a trooper the whole time. We had one minor meltdown on the flight over, and none on the 9 hour return flight. Our upgrade to first class was worth every frequent flier mile!
*Scroll down for many more pictures...

Oh so tired from our overnight flight.

A small portion of the hundreds of miles of olive groves.

Spain produces 70% of the world's olive oil!

Enjoying the tour bus with the grandparents.

Beautiful architecture- these were new homes being built.

Street in Granada w/ beautiful Sierra Nevada Moutains in the background

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D&T said...

Kaki -- Looks like you had an incredible time in Spain! Thanks for posting your pictures. Glad E did so well on the journey - the pictures of her are just adorable!