Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pittsburgh Family Fun

Last weekend E and I journeyed to Pittsburgh to visit lots and lots of family-aunts, uncles, cousins and more. As always we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our loved ones who we rarely see- including E's great-grandfather, a real treat!

E with cousins Cassie and Chelsea

E and cousin Lilly

Cousins Casey and Lilly

Having fun w/ cousin Tanner

Loving her Great-Grandpap


Anonymous said...

that look she is giving Tanner? LOVE IT!! :) tr

Anonymous said...

Aww this is so cute am missing out...i love you all and miss you guys. kaki give ella my love from me. tell uncle tim and aunt sherri and everybody else i said hi love and miss them...Always thinking of all of you...hope to see u guys in fl or pa soon...muwahs..

Cousin Kim

Anonymous said...

Hello family. I love seeing the photos. I sure do miss all of you. Am always thinking of everybody. Give my love to ella and the rest of the family. Lots of kisses to her and huggs. Hope to see all of you from pa to fl soon. Love you muwahs...

Cousin Kim D.