Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Birthday Party

E attended her very first little birthday party today, it was adorable! Her friend Lizzy is 2 weeks older and just turned one! They played in the baby pool, ate lots of goldfish, wore adorable party hats and helped Lizzy open her gifts. By the time the party was winding down all the babies were worn out!

E's pals- Alexander, Lizzy and Abby.

First time in a baby pool. She loved it!

Ready to party!

Ready for bed.


DearEs' said...

Looks like fun! Hers'll be here before you know it -- can't believe it! Thanks for Luke's birthday presents. That was too sweet of you to remember!

maryanne helms said...


Like Julianne's blog, I found yours through a tangled web of Covenant blogs. Congratulations on a stunning little girl. SHe looks to be the age of my Emma. So sweet. Motherhood is quite the adventure, isn't it? I have never had to give so much in my life...and see my heart change. Hope you are enjoying this season.

Maryanne Helms (Challies)