Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boston & Maine

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Boston and Kennebunkport, Maine. First stop Boston- to visit some old college friends as well as our precious Jess who recently relocated. We had a great time exploring the city, and eating some fantastic food. Next stop Kennebunkport- what an incredible place! We enjoyed some precious family time away from the craziness of everyday life. We also enjoyed eating lobster rolls twice a day.

Hanging out with her Aunties.

Exploring the Maine coast Bjorn style.

Playing in the stroller while Mommy and Daddy ate more lobster.

Mesmerized by the seals at the aquarium with Aunt Brandi.

First bus ride with Aunt Katie & Aunt Brandi.

Daddy getting ready to eat some crab at the Barking Crab.

Auntie Heidi

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TD said...

It looks like we missed some great Kodak moments and we look forward to seeing y'all soon. Give Ella a big hug and kiss from Pop!