Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pittsburgh Family Fun

This weekend Ella and Mama took a trip to Pittsburgh to meet many of Ella's new relatives. While there she met 7 cousins 5 aunts and uncles and best of all, she met her Great-Grandpap for the first time. Ella especially enjoyed lots of play time with her cousins Cassie and Chelsea. We both had a blast, and are missing everyone already! We hope to come again soon!

Playing piano with Chelsea and Cassie.

Having fun with Aunt Diane and cousin Tanner.

Meeting cousin Sarah, and her daughter (3rd cousin) Lilly for the first time.

Bathing in the big tub for the first time with cousin Cassie.

Much of the weekend was spent playing with cousin Cassie.

First special moments with Great-Grandpap.

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Anonymous said...

You sure are a fine young ladie, mom,and daughter.